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Pibgorn Bragod Gywair (Bragod Tuning)

This pibgorn has a Pythagorean tuning of Bragod Gywair. The scale is  C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb. This tuning is sourced from the medieval harp manuscript of Robert ap Huw. The sound is unique and allows the player to  explore the sound of medieval and earlier period from Wales. 

Mae gan y pibgorn hwn diwnio Pythagorean o Bragod Gywair ( C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb, C). Daw’r tiwnio hwn o lawysgrif telyn ganoloesol Robert ap Huw. Mae’r sain yn unigryw ac yn caniat√°u i’r chwaraewr archwilio sain y cyfnod canoloesol a chynharach o Gymru.

Included in price: Pibgorn & reed, Pibgorn Case with, Instruction booklet & Quick start guide. Postage is included in the price (UK & International Options).


Pibgorn Onnen (Ash)

A sacred tree belonging to the magician Gwydion from the Mabinogion who bears the Ash wand. Also the tree of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life in Norse mythology. A traditional handcrafted chanter soaked in flax oil and finished with Welsh beeswax.  Black ABS plastic horn.  

Coeden sanctaidd yn perthyn I Gwydion or Mabinogion, sydd yn perthyn y ffon onnen. Hefyd goeden y Yggdrasil o mytholeg Norseg. Canydd traddodiadol gyda cyrn plastig ABS. Wedi ei socio mewn olew flacs ai orffen gyda cwyr gwenyn Cymreig. Cyrn plastic du ABS.  

Scale of:  D, E, F#, G, A, B, C#, D .

Included in price: Pibgorn & reed, Pibgorn Case with, Instruction booklet & Quick start guide      


Pibgorn Ffawydden (Beech)

Handcrafted with kiln dried Beech. Beech wood in Celtic lore is thought of as the Mother of the forest and a symbol of ancient knowledge and tradition.  A traditional chanter with Black ABS plastic horn. Soaked in teak oil and finished in Welsh  beeswax. 

Pibgorn traddodiadol allan o pren sych ffawydden. Mae’r goeden ffawydden yn Mam y goedwig yn mytholeg Celtaidd a simbol o hen traddodiad a gwybodaeth. Canydd traddodiadol gyda cyrn plastig ABS. Wedi ei socio mewn olew flacs ai orffen gyda cwyr gwenyn Cymreig. Cyrn plastic du ABS. 

Scale of D, E, F#, G, A, B, C#, D  or         Bragod tuning C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb, C   

Included in price: Pibgorn & reed, Pibgorn Case, Instruction booklet & Quick start guide     

Pibgorn Low - G - Isel

I wanted to make a low G chanter with a mellow tone so when I printed a larger reed and designed this pibgorn I was very impressed with the tonality and sound when played. The vibrations produced can be felt deep into your throat and chest and the instrument is surprisingly simple to play.  Available in Ash only at present. Its a big sound, some stretch of the fingers required. 

Scale:  G, A, B, C, D, E, F#, G

Price £235  ( plus  p&p added in cart)


Pibgorn Plastig (Plastic)

Design: I created and tested this design  from wood with a traditional cane reed.  This design was then converted to engineering plans and then to 3D CAD files where  the  plastic prototype was  produced.

Testing: This prototype was then tested  for stability, volume and robustness over a period of almost 3 years in live performances and solo playing by myself and other musicians.  The Pibgorn was then put into production. It is currently available in the key of D / Re.

Cynllun: Fe wnes i greu a phrofi’r cynllun mewn pren yn gyntaf, gyda chorsen traddodiadol o gansen. Fe wnaed cynlluniau peirianyddol o’r rhain, ac wedyn gwnaed ffeiliau CAD 3D er mwyn creu y prototeip o’r rhain.

Proses brofi: Cafodd y prototeip ei brofi o ran sefydlogrwydd, uchder sŇĶn, a chadernid dros gyfnod o dair blynedd mewn perfformiadau byw a chanu unigol gen i a cherddorion eraill. Ail-gynlluniwyd a symleiddiwyd y cyrn, gan gael gwared ar ymylon miniog er mwyn gwella‚Äôr golwg a diogelwch. Yna cychwynnwyd ar gynhyrchu‚Äôr pibgorn.

AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DISPATCH  (Please allow 2-3 days for dispatch) 


Plastic PIbgorn

Pibgorn Reed

Pibgorn Case

Plastic Pibgorn (Select Chanter colour later) Includes reed, quick start guide and manual. 


Spare pibgorn Reed £25

This new reed is made to D, C or G. Please let me know which key you require. 

Additional Reeds no additional postage cost. BUY HERE

Pibgorn Zip padded case (Case may vary from image)

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“The Pibgorn Tune book – Llyfr Alawon i’r PIbgorn”

Tunes for the PIbgorn, Welsh Bagpipes and Cornicyll in d – Alawon i’r Pibgorn, PIbau Cwd Cymreig a’r Cornicyll yn d.¬†

by Keith Lewis